Creative Curriculum/ Areas of Development


 The construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. Children are encourage to use critical thinking, problem solving skills, applying knowledge, memory recall. Some activities include circle time routines, completing tasks requiring thinking and creating, asking and answering open ended questions, and exploring and learning. The more they do to exercise their brain the more they will develop 


From birth and up, language is an important part of a child's growth and development. It consist of listening, speaking and eventually reading and writing. Children begin be hearing and discriminating sounds. Then they mimic and start to build on their verbal vocabulary. We foster a language rich environment using stories, activities, labels and words in print to foster this. We encourage communication through open conversation and group play.


Includes a child’s experience, expression, the management of emotions and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationship with others. Children learn to recognize, label, manage, and communicate their emotions and that of others. The more they build these skills the better they relate to themselves, family, friends, and community.


Activities and actions that focus on large muscle groups. Children are encouraged to jump, kick, walk, run, throw and more. Some activities include playing ball, tag, and using the jungle gym to climb and slide. The more they develop the more control they gain over these muscles. 


Activities and actions that focus on small muscle groups. Children are encouraged to use their hands, fingers, toes, and wrist. Some activities include picking up small objects, pressing buttons, using a crayon, etc... The more they develop the more control they gain over these muscles.


The idea of playing to learn may seem foreign to some but it is imperative to the development of young children. All kids want to do it play so why not learn something new in the process. We foster a hands on learning environment where every activity helps you discover something new and be creative in the process.

OUR Staff

Tara Herman

Owner and Director of CWOM for 9 years,  is passionate and dedicated to impacting the lives of children both in and outside of the classroom.


All of our teachers are trained in the field of Early Childhood Education ranging in special certification to advance degrees. They complete continuing education credits every year to meet our APPLE Accreditation requirements. It take a love and patience to work with children and we pride ourselves in offering the best care.