Here Are Some Things We Offer!

Hours of Care

Our school is open from 6:30am-6:30pm

Our Infant Classrom is  open from 7:00am - 6:00pm

Our Aftershool Program starts from Bus Pick up till 6:30pm

Child Care Food Program

Our school offers Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack during the hours of your child's care.

The menu is a Pork and Peanut free meal plan

Breakfast is from 7:00am - 8:30am

Lunch is offered from a Pork/ Peanut Free Menu

Snack is served after nap time

Outdoor Playgrounds

We have 2 large outdoor playgrounds full a variety of play equipment and toys. 

Weather permitting children are taken outside twice a day for at least 30 minutes.

On our playground you will find 

* Swings

* Slides

* Jungle Gyms

* Bicycles

* Basketball Hoops

*and more

Extracurricular Activites

During the fall season of the school year we do offer 2 extra activities

* Dance Class offered by Ms. Jerleen includes Ballet, Hip Hop, and Tumbling

* Storytime Soccer with Coach Jamie includes a variety of sports.

These activities do require sign up and have additional costs.

Summer Camp

During the months of June through August we offer a Pre-school and Aftercare Summer Camp.

Summer Camp includes fun activites, Feild Trips for School Age, and Incoming Vendors.

Special Events and Parties

Through out the School Year we offer a variety of special events and parties. 

Check out our school calendar for more information.